IMedE Lab

Integrated Medical Electronics Lab

We combine and integrate physical and biological principles into the design of integrated circuits to engineer miniature biomedical devices for fundamental research, medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Research Areas


ic med

ICs for Medical Electronics

New circuit–, system– and integration– level techniques for diagnosis and treatment of disease.

miniature 2

Miniature Medical Devices

Sensing and actuation of biological media using miniature medical devices.

neural interface 3

Neural Interfaces

Bidirectional neural interfaces for neuroscience, neuroprosthetics and brain-machine interfaces.


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Yesterday we visit the new facilities of the Institute for Technology and Medical Systems Innovation (ITEMS) at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. We are all very excited for the work ahead!

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We are thrilled to welcome the first PhD students to join the IMedE Lab: Angsagan Abdigazy, Thaer Alafghani, and Zilong Han!

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Jordan Jaross and Dhruv Aggarwal at the USC SHINE Poster Session.

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Our work on ATOMS has been published in the Fall edition of the Solid-State Circuits Magazine. Emami A & Monge M. MRI-Inspired High-Resolution Localization for Biomedical Applications: Artificial Nuclear Spins on a Chip.IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine 10, 34-42 (2018).article | ieee

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The Integrated Medical Electronics Lab has officially opened at USC, joining the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering and the new Institute for Technology and Medical Systems Innovation!

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ATOMS selected as one of 10 articles that exemplify interdisciplinary research published in NatBME during its first year!

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17 for 2017: The Year in News at Caltech.

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Our work on localization of microscale devices inside the body using principles of nuclear magnetic resonance has just been featured on the cover of Nature Biomedical Engineering!

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Manuel Monge receives the 2017 Demetriades – Tsafka – Kokkalis Prize in Biotechnology!

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